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புதன், 13 பிப்ரவரி, 2013

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Bismillah (Aslamualaikum) 


Please send this message to every Muslim you know...
If you don't...
A Muslim somewhere in the world could be receiving false information about Islam. So prevent that from happening.
Beware of the following websites:
These sites have been developed by
Jews .
Who Intentionally are spreading
wrong information about theQURAN , the HADITH and ISLAMitself.
Please spread this information
To all the Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. The list of traced
anti- Islamic websites, about Islam are:
This site has posted fake stories of how Muslims converted to Christianity. How do I know? Read the following excerpt from one of the stories:
First the 'convert' says: (emphasis added)
In the end, I managed to convince my mother, as it was for Allah and I joined the Islamic College. Having graduated as an ustaz, I was soon posted to my neighbourhood?
And then:
My trip to Mecca for the Haj (pilgrimage) was tiring but eventful. I did not have the rare opportunity to see inside the holy Kabah and the holy idols inside, which Prophet Muhammud had helped to place, as explained in Bukhari's Hadith
An Ustaz (scholar) in Islaamic Studies is saying that there are idols inside the Kabah and that too placed by Muhammad (saw) himself!?!?!
This clearly shows that the author is deliberately trying to spread misinformation about Islaam and wants to convey to possible reverts to Islaam that it is religion of idol worship.
In fact most of the Christian sites use this tactic of false convert stories but it's not always possible to prove it
AlhamduliLlaah I was able to catch another site posting fake stories of Muslims leaving Islaam. See the false information imparted here. That the attempt is deliberate is known through the claim that the 'convert' has done detailed study about the topic.
For Islamic Education, I had to study about marriage in detail to do well. So, I learnt all the stuff and got the highest grade anyone can get for Islamic Education. And guess what? Because I know it so well, I know that there is a lot of discrimination against women in Islam. Things like a father and grandfather can marry a girl/woman to whomever they want even if the girl/woman doesn't want to marry that person? In addition, I learned things like women couldn't be witnesses in Syariah Courts and things like that
The first point here is a total lie whereas the second is a distorted version of the truth.....
Here's yet another extract from a false convert story aimed at spreading misinformation about Islaam.
As I started thinking about my life and the Quran, I realized all Muslims, even the prophet Muhammad, would go to Hell for certain sins they committed in their lifetime.
This is a common ploy of the Christian Missionaries. They first inform gullible victims that Jesus (God) is Love and just by believing in the Crucifixion, you will be assured of Paradise . Whereas the concept of God in Islaam is so harsh that no one will be spared from Hell and that even Prophet Muhammad (saw) was not sure of where he would end up. For this purpose they quote an ayat of the Qur'aan out of context. Here there have gone a step further by saying that even our beloved Prophet (saw) would have to go through hell. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Anti Islamic Sites under misleading names

Anti Islaamic Sites apparent even by name

Always check the source of any Islamic web site even if it is very convincing

PLEASE DO NOT ignore this.
FORWARD this to as many Muslims as you can.
The new AMERICAN Qur'an:
a dangerous trick.
A new Quran
is being distributed in Kuwait , titled 'The True
Furqan'. It is being described as the verses of the
Shaytan and
Al-Furqan weekly magazine has found out
that the two American printing companies;
'Omega 2001'
'Wine Press' are involved in the publishing of
The True Furqan ', a book which has also been titled
The 21st Century Qur'an '!
It is over 366 pages and is
in both the Arabic and English is being
distributed to our children in Kuwait in the private
English schools!
The book contains 77 Surats, which include Al-Fatiha, Al-Jana and Al-Injil. Instead of
Bismillah, each Surat begins with a longer version of
this incorporating the Christian belief of the three
And this so called Qur'an opposes many Islamic
beliefs. In one of its verses it describes having more
than one wife as fornication, divorce being
non-permissible and it uses a new system for the
sharing out of the will, opposing the current one. It
states that Jihad is HARAM.
This book even goes as far as attacking God Almighty Allah!
All this is poisoning our children at approx. $3.
Brothers and Sisters please make sure you forward this
email to as many people as possible so that we can
stop this dangerous trick.....
May Allah Product us from this Fake .....(AllahuAkbar..AllahuAkbar....AllahuAkbar...